Readers: Frijoles Colorado Cuban Cafe is in, Micky Manor is out

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Lori Midson
Frijoles Colorado Cuban Cafe has joined the Denver-area dining scene.
Cafe Society carefully tracks openings and closings on the local dining scene, and late last week we got some back news about Micky Manor closing...or was that bad news? As Jeff notes:

The last place in town still doling out Rockybilt burgers. Kind of sad I guess, though there are certainly more than enough good burger joints around, and the thought of eating at Micky Manor had become kind of scary. I haven't been there in a couple of years, but prior to that, I saw a fight literally every visit.

But no one is going to argue that it's anything but good news that Frijoles Colorado Cuban Cafe has opened in Lakewood.

Writes Kimberly: must be psychic!! Was just talking to a colleague about how good it would be to find a nice Cuban cafe, and here it is! Will definitely head down there! Thanks!!

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Just went to the Cuban Cafe in Lakewood and it was awesome!  Bread is baked there every day and everything is made on site.  The flan was to die for!  I'll be going back!

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