Que Bueno celebrates its official grand opening at DIA

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For years, Que Bueno -- by gate 52 on Concourse B -- was the best reason to get through security early at Denver International Airport. And when this locally owned joint closed last fall for a rehab and expansion -- from 1,118 square feet to 1,490 square feet, with a full bar -- it left a lot of travelers not high and definitely dry.

But after a few months' delay, Que Bueno finally revealed its new look in June.

And this afternoon, Mayor Michael Hancock will be on hand to celebrate at the official grand reopening of this outpost at DIA. Yes, direct flights to Iceland are nice. But while that project is on ice until May, we'll take the hot, hot green chile at Que Bueno.

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Que Bueno

10633 Westminster Blvd. W, Westminster, CO

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