Reader: Is it any wonder Colorado people can't stand anything from Texas?

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Twin Peaks is coming to Colorado, the Texas-based chain proudly announced yesterday, bringing baseball, beer and boobs, as Laura Shunk reported here.

That post prompted this from bizzygeek:

Thanks for the heads up CS Editors! While you're at it, are there any new McDonald's locations springing up around town that we should be made aware of?

But other readers, including Brandon, appreciated the alert:

Sorry if we don't roll over and piss all over ourselves for your lame-ass concept. And for attacking Westword for their sarcastic but truthful warning about your cutting edge joint, uh, way to say hello to your new city and let us know in advance what dealing with you is all about. Is it any wonder why Colorado people just can't stand anything from texas? I for one will proudly say "told you so" when you close that shop and head back home

By the way, Twin Peaks will land at 14055 West Colfax Avenue, right next to Colorado Mills, the mall that's devoted October to "Celebrate Women." We're not sure that a restaurant that asks you to "grab a pair" is quite what the mall had in mind.

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Twin Peaks

14055 W. Colfax Drive, Lakewood, CO

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So if I'm at Co Mills, I can either go to not-Hooters, or Yardhouse with 100+ taps?  Gee, tough call.

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