Reader: Location, location, loca....for Denver neighborhoods, there are only two

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Lori Midson
When Cafebar started serving last week at 295 South Pennsylvania Street, residents welcomed it to the neighborhood -- but what neighborhood is that, exactly? In her post on Cafebar's opening, Lori Midson referred to it as West Washington Park -- which is one of three neighborhoods that the City and County of Denver lists for that area (and is the preferred neighborhood description of a former mayoral spokesperson who lived just a block away).

Frequent commenter Dave Barnes, however, pegs it as the Speer neighborhood -- which would seem to be more a creation of real-estate companies than actual residents, since there is no Speer neighborhood organization registered with the city.

Cartographers would rejoice over the heated discussion that followed (read it here), which included this classic comment from Scott Bennett:

Every Realtor® knows there are only two neighborhoods in Denver: Highlands and Wash Park. This clearly is not in Highlands, therefore it's in Wash Park.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Cafebar!

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295 S. Pennsylvania St., Denver, CO

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I disagree.  Dave Barnes adds a certain harmless observational quality to these blogs with a distinctly different perspective.

"Ruin a reader's day"?!?  I counter that this self-important, xy generational cliquishness is precisely what should be banned.  Keep your electronic pitchforks and torches where they belong, up your ass.

The internet is not democratic.  It is libertarian.  From this old man's perspective; go fuck yourself MakeItStop, and the 4 douches that liked your post.  "SERIOUSLY". 


Is there a way to just block all incoming douchery from Dave Barnes? He is an OLD MAN who is by no means qualified to offer commentary on anything current or popular. His taste in food and libations is lame, ignorant, and laughable. His opinions are painfully misinformed and his point of view is enough to ruin any readers' day.

Please Westword, for the sake of your image, for everything you stand for, and for the sake of your readers' enjoyment, PREVENT DAVE BARNES FROM POSTING. You will defend his right to post and be heard, this I know, but you should SERIOUSLY reconsider on this one...


Substitute any number of racial epithets for "OLD MAN" and it would be you getting blocked from this blog. Age has nothing to do with a person's ability to comment well or poorly, you ignorant fuck.


Leave my poor Davey alone.  He is a loving, albeit simple man who just happens to love memorizing city grids and sharing his Rain-Man-Esque skills with the Westword audience. 

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