The Micky Manor has gone dark

The neon Mickey sign has gone out at the Micky Manor.
For almost eighty years, the Micky Manor -- and that's Micky, without an "e" -- has been a landmark on Federal Boulevard, its trademark-respecting neon Mickey and Minnie signs a constant.

But now the mouse has left the house.

The old firehouse at 2544 Federal Boulevard first became the Micky Manor in 1932, and that identity stuck for the next 75 years, through a couple of owners and managers, one of whom made it a haven for classic Rockybilt burgers. A brief transformation to the Twelfth Man in 2006 didn't last, and Micky made a comeback in 2007, the neon repaired and shining brighter than ever.

But the place has gone dark again, with the last tenant clearing out. The building's owner has reclaimed the neon signs, and is currently considering a few possibilities for the property -- Jack-n-Grill, which is just across the parking lot, has always been hungry for more space, for starters.

Nothing's been decided yet...but this stretch of Federal definitely looks duller without Mickey and Minnie.

Location Info

Micky Manor - CLOSED

2544 Federal Blvd., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Bring Back Rocky Bilt Hamburgers!!!!


The last place in town still doling out Rockbilt burgers.  Kind of sad I guess, though there are certainly more than enough good burger joints around, and the thought of eating at Micky Manor had become kind of scary.  I haven't been there in a couple of years, but prior to that, I saw a fight literally every visit.


This place has been living on borrowed time for years.  We made the mistake of straying in for a cocktail while waiting for a table at Jack-n-Grill.  I've been in some scary dive bars but this place was over the top - yikes.  Eat there?  OH NO.  RIP


I didn't find it any scarier than any other dive bar that hadn't already been overrun by v-neck wearing hipsters. Large cheap drinks and a friendly staff. Most of the regulars seemed indifferent to the CU/CSU post-game crowd. I've also been their during poker tournaments and nobody was looking for trouble. Seriously, I think it's more likely that your going to run into potential fights or DBs at places like the Pour House or the Tavern.

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