Drink "Tebow," a onetime only beer from Wynkoop Brewing that has righteous character

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The Wynkoop Brewing Company has had some fun over the past year naming some of the one-keg-only beers that it serves as part of its Firkin Friday program.

Remember Weiner's Wood Oak-Aged IPA, which the brewery named for a certain former New York Congressman?

Now you can try something with a namesake a little closer to home. Today at 5 p.m., the brewery will tap Tebow, which is Cowtown Milk Stout -- one of the brewery's staples -- conditioned in a five-gallon cask with raspberry puree and toasted cacao nibs.

"It's a lovable, attractive beer, stout but a little sweet, muscular but approachable. With righteous character and an exciting, surprising finish," is how the brewery describes it.

Sounds like anyone you know?

Well, then how about this: While the ABV is only 4.8 percent, if you have too many, it will knock you on your ass just like opposing teams have knocked poor Tim Tebow -- the Denver Broncos tenuously starting quarterback -- on his.

"However," adds brewery spokesman Marty Jones, "It's so good you'll drop to one knee on the first taste."

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Jon S
Jon S

I would expect anything named "Tebow" to completely miss the mark and taste of nothing but bitter disappointment.

Dave Butler
Dave Butler

Guess they have to "milk" Tebow for all he's worth eh?

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