Edge at the Four Seasons is a sure bet for spotting Denver's 1 percenters

Mark Manger
When President Barack Obama came to Denver last week, he snubbed the Brown Palace -- which has hosted every president since Teddy Roosevelt except Calvin Coolidge -- for the Four Seasons.

Perhaps our head of state prefers the international amenities and service standards of the high-class luxury hotel chain, which planted a location in Denver a year ago.

When the Four Seasons opened, it came with a restaurant: Edge is a sleek, swanky space that offers an upscale version of Colorado cuisine, giving travelers a chance to sample game and steakhouse fare associated with the Rocky Mountains without ever leaving the confines of the hotel. It also gave suited business types a place to woo clients, hopeful men a spot to romance stiletto-wearing dates, and Denver's 1 percenters a location to wear their furs.

I dined at Edge for this week's review, feasting on a menu by executive chef Simon Purvis that's influenced by his long-time experience with the Four Seasons hotels, as well as his understanding of local cuisine.

How was it? Find out tomorrow when the review is posted here.

Location Info

EDGE Restaurant & Bar

1111 14th St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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In my opinion, fine dining NEVER occurs on long bench seats.


I doubt it's better than Thunderdome!!


Agreed.  In addition, if I'm paying that much for a steak when I can get better cuts for less elsewhere, that steak had better come with a tablecloth along with the best service in town instead of some shitty placemat and average service.  Take a lesson from Capital Grille.  It may be a chain, but it makes up for it with good cuts of meat and the best service anywhere.  A "hip" restaurant loses to one that makes its customers feel like royalty, especially when it comes to grilled meats.

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