Oskar Blues rolls out the Bone Wagon food truck, serving burritos, wings and burgers

Oskar Blues
Taprooms and food trucks are a perfect match: the taprooms need good grub to feed their customers, and the food trucks need to find good spots with a lot of hungry people.

Over the past few years, it's a combination that's worked well for more than a dozen breweries in Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins, who bring in trucks serving everything from pizza and Korean barbecue to burgers, arepas and banh mi.

This week, Oskar Blues decided to get in on the act at its Tasty Weasel taproom in Longmont, but rather than relying on outside trucks, the brewery -- which runs two restaurants in Longmont and Lyons -- created its own food truck, the Bone Wagon.

"We've been doing breakfast burritos and just cruising around doing practice runs," says Oskar Blues spokesman Chad Melis, adding that the brewery is still looking into the permitting process for food trucks in Longmont, but has been staying on private property.

The Bone Wagon will get its official debut on November 18 at the brewery's ninth anniversary party at the Tasty Weasel, when it will be serving burritos, along with smoked wings, and burgers made with beef from Hops & Heifers, the breweries spent-grain-and-grass-fed cattle ranch and farm. After that, it will spend Tuesdays parked at the taproom, as well as other times when it isn't hitting up other local spots.

Eventually, the Bone Wagon, and chefs Jason Rogers and Bart Dickerson, plan to hit up beer festivals, music festivals and anywhere else where "it can get its dirty little wheels to," the brewery says. Follow the truck on Twitter at @OBbonewagon.

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I'm sold! Big fan of Oskar Blues, and Dale's Pale Ale would go great with a nice sweet rack of smoked ribs. 


This is an interesting business partnership.  The taproom gets around having to apply for a full liquor license, and avoids the costly overhead attributed to restaurant requirements from the city (think, hood, make-up air, grease trap, etc).  Put your restaurant on wheels and park it by the front door and you get to open your full service restaurant at a fraction of the cost.  And you can move it to wherever the biggest crowd is.

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