Reader: Cafe Society is all about gossip...and we love it!

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Will Wild Catch reopen this week, as remaining owner Daniel Kuhlman has promised? Does Lou's Food Bar need a kick in the pants? And what qualifies as a chain restaurant in Boulder, anyway? SALT? Any of Dave Query's spots?

These are all hotly debated issues on Cafe Society.

And to all of the ongoing discussion, particularly all the stories swimming around Wild Catch, Lbortolotto responds:

Ok, people. Let's just resign ourselves to the fact that Westword and Cafe Society are NOT journalism. This isn't the New York Times, after all! Let's just admit that this is a venue for chatty, catty gossip and we LOVE it!

Love it, hate it -- what stories should we be reporting? Post your suggestions below.

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Yeah but WestWord and Midson have been sorely lacking in keeping up with the TAG scandal! What's the latest?? I saw they tweeted one another!!


Does Yelp complement or compete with Westword?

Jim Rome
Jim Rome

Yelp gives an outlet for people who have no input in the real world a place to feel important by nitpicking over a restaurant not having wifi or the quality of silverware.

On that note, check out Dave Barnes Yelp reviews.  I especially like his review of his local post office and city parks.


Jim that is hilarious.

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