Soda's evil twin? The danger of "fruit drinks" (infographic)

Fruit drinks: Are they as healthy for you as you think?
In one year, the average American consumes 45 pounds of sugar (enough to fill a wheelbarrow) -- and most of this is sugar we drink. Excess sugar intake is a driving force behind the obesity epidemic, and while soda gets scapegoated, the fastest-growing marketing sector is the so-called "fruit drink" (or "fruit drank," if you prefer).

Below is an infographic prepared by the folks at Health Science that may make you think twice before you order that Snapple or other fruity drink at the gas station.

Created by: Health Science

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Ilove juice drinks and I simply enjoy them cold, mostly bottled or canned juiceare the best for me because I do not have the luxury of time to make freshjuice myself. With the entire fad about dieting and pills going on, juicedrinks have also joined the bandwagon! Gold Win Agro Foods was the first tointroduce a juice drink.  It is supposeto help you burn more fats and have more energy in your body. I love Goldwin AppleJuices and I have tried it. It’s Just Have Great Flavor.


4. Drink booze!


i just bought "mio" (if that's the right name) at walmart; four dollars for a tiny squeeze bottle that you put into water for a fruity calories, and maybe 24 drinks for the 4 dollars.


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