Reader: Wild Catch owner's prediction of reopening sounds like a fish story

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It's been a wild ride for Wild Catch, the new fishhouse that saw its chef/partner and most of its staff (above) walk out this weekend, leaving the place high and dry. Justin Brunson, an owner of Masterpiece Deli who joined with Taste owner Daniel Kulhman on the restaurant, told Lori Midson that he was trying to buy out Kuhlman but couldn't look at the books, much less come to an agreement. Kulhman told Midson that Brunson never even asked to look at the financials.

But there's no denying that Wild Catch was awash in turmoil by Friday.

A witness to the mess? Laura Shunk, who was eating what she thought was going to be a review meal at Wild Catch -- before she started talking to the about-to-depart manager.

The restaurant is currently closed, but Kuhlman says he plans to reopen it within a week.

And that inspires this from Nope:

Um...between November 30th and December 2nd? Can I get a show of hands who thinks that'll be a good opening? I'm sorry, but no chef, no BOH or FOH and he expects to be open in a two weeks with Thanksgiving in the middle of it?

I have no affiliation to either side, but that seems like a Whale's Tale.

There's more, lots more, discussion on the situation, which you can follow here and here. And get a taste of Laura Shunk's last supper at Wild Catch here.

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Fred H
Fred H

It looks like the facts are coming out now: Brunson and Gressler walked on Saturday and told the staff not to come in. Brunson has tons of talent, he's a great chef, but too bad he ruined it after trying to force a buy and shafting everyone -- the owner and the staff -- when things didn't go his way.  It's a lose/lose overall. 


How funny and relevant."The restaurant is currently closed, but Kuhlman says he plans to reopen it within a week.javascript:void(0);"

Lance Barto
Lance Barto

The staff was at no point told not to come in. The kitchen staff left in the morning after learning Justin would be leaving, the FOH came in at their regularly scheduled time, and found there were no cooks in the kitchen and that the restaurant wouldn't open that night. Had anyone wanted to stay, the opportunity would have been there for them. 

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