Reader: Across the country, people see Colorado as a beer mecca. Take that, Portland!

Beer-loving Governor John Hickenlooper arrives at his post-inauguration party last January.
Is Denver just a pathetic, Midwestern version of Portland? That debate is raging across, particularly in the comments section after "Fifteen reasons why young people move to Colorado," but this city's beer lovers stand by their taps.

Says Max:

I just know what reaction I get when travelling and tell beer nurds where my home taps are located. Denver is like Mecca with many who've never even set foot in our fair city. Today, the Rockies, tomorrow, the Cascades!

Adds Jon S:

And for the Portland thing, who cares. I've said it before, but if you took the very best brewery in all of Oregon (whichever is your preference) and stuck it in Fort Collins, Denver, Boulder or Longmont, it would AT BEST be the 3rd best brewery in any one of those cities.

Take that, Portland!

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