Reader: On a collision course with reality at Cherry Creek Whole Foods

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The hits just keep coming regarding "The sh*t-show that's the parking lot at Whole Foods."

Although this Cherry Creek nightmare inspired our Comment of the Day yesterday, we couldn't resist sharing this post from Sigh:

If I had a nickle for every time someone talking on a cell phone in a Suburban or Escalade tried to run me down in the Whole Foods parking lot, I could almost afford to shop at Whole Foods.

Have you had a harrowing experience in this parking lot? Join the conversation here.

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Whole Foods Cherry Creek

2375 E. First Ave., Denver, CO

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Hahaha. Escalade/Beemer/Audi/Priusy drivers are the 99% of douchebags.

Nobo Bear
Nobo Bear

Substitute Sigh's "Suburban or Escalade" with "Audi or BMW X5" and you have just described the Boulder Pearl St. WF parking lot. And being Boulder, bonus of Priuses trying to do 40 silently down the lot aisles.

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