Club 404 will issue last call on Wednesday after 60 years -- time to pour out some memories

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Britt Chester
According to Eli, a chef at Club 404, "404 was always a good time, whether we had bands playing in the other room or if you just wanted to get a beer and see a familiar face."
​Denver will lose a familiar face this week when Club 404, a classic dive bar at 404 Broadway, changes hands after sixty years under owner Jerry Feld.

To commemorate the end of the era, Cafe Society will be popping in Club 404 over the next few days, capturing moments and sharing stories with those who have made their best memories at this fine establishment.

Do you have a story about a night (or day) spent drinking at Club 404? Are you a former employee? Did you hold a special event there? We'd love to read about it, and share with Cafe Society readers.

Please submit your stories and memories to if you would like to be included. Or feel free to just post a memory below.

And fair warning: Last call at Club 404 will be Wednesday, December 14, when family, friends and fans gather for a last party. (Sunday's "Last Hurrah" was so much fun the bar decided to say goodbye again.) On December 15, the locks will be changed, and the new owners will start making some changes -- not many, they promise. Club 404 is slated to reopen by January.

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Denver Wheel Club 404 - CLOSED

404 N. Broadway, Denver, CO

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Great place to hang out while waiting for the club next door to open :-)


I first started going to 404 in the late 80s.  I had a punch card I'd gotten on campus, so you could get a free meal after paying for a few others.  Nonnie was my favorite waitress, but back in the late 80s/early 90s, there was a horrible, mean woman who'd sit there and read her paper when I'd sit down and she'd make me wait for a good five minutes before she'd lumber over and glare at me, order pad in hand.  No hi, hello, how you doing, or anything.  Not a word.  I'd give her my order and if I didn't say it exactly the way she wanted, she'd snarl out things like, "DRESSING???"  When she'd come back with my order, she'd throw it on the table in front of me and I'd have to catch it to keep it from sliding off.  Refills?  Ha.  It is to laugh.  There had even been a Westword review once that mentioned her specifically, and how mean she was.

I was intimidated and offended for awhile, but then I got to be fascinated with how someone that mean and unfriendly could stay in a job that's dependent on tips.  If I was seated in her section, it became entertainment to see how long she'd draw out the "screw you, I'm busy and you can just wait til I'm not" game.  I'd bring a book and chill.  I wanted my cheap prime rib and I was not going to let her scare me off.  I can't say I missed her when she finally left, but she was a trip. 

I'm going to miss Nonnie.  Nonnie was an angel. 

Does anyone remember the plate-sized baked potatoes they had back in the early 90s?  Those were the biggest potatoes I've ever seen.  I've never seen anything that size since then.

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