Announcement: We have a winner of our Trillium New Year's Eve dinner contest

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Lori Midson
It's been open for exactly 25 days -- an infant -- but Trillium, Ryan Leinonen's Scandinavian restaurant in the Ballpark neighborhood, has already found its way onto one coveted roster -- namely our "Ten Best New Restaurants in Denver" listacle.

And tomorrow night, on New Year's Eve, one Cafe Society reader (and a guest), will get to find out what all of the fuss is about -- for free. Earlier this week, we asked readers to tell us, in ten words or less, why they deserved a night out at Trillium, and we got nearly ninety pleas, some of which were written in (I think) Swedish.

Did you win?

You did if your name is "Flick," and you wrote: "Winning this would be Swede."

Clever and cute.

Thanks for playing, and have a Happy New Year.

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Hey Flick.  I triple-dog dare you to go to the Trillium New Year's Eve dinner.


Flick can't go.  His tongue is stuck to the flagpole.

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