Reader: Dana Rodriguez is full of insights...but isn't full of herself

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For the last Chef and Tell interview of 2011, Lori Midson talked with Dana Rodriguez, the executive chef of Bistro Vendome, about everything from a Mexican girl making French food to her inspirational life story.

The result left readers hungry to know more...and eat more.

Says Jeff:

I haven't been to Bistro Vendome in a long time, and now I want to go back. Chef Rodriguez clearly knows what she's doing. It's always a pleasure to read one of these interviews where the chef isn't full of themselves.

Besides, everyone knows that Mexican girls make the best cooks! :)

Read the complete interview with Dana Rodriguez here.

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I always enjoy the Chef & Tell section of the Westword. (Minus the douche you highlighted from Root Down) I find all of their stories insightful and interesting but this weeks was by far the most inspiring as Dana's story is fascinating. It is great to see someone make their own opportunities instead of complaining that none have come her way.

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