During weekends at Jelly, prepare for a jam

Mark Manger
When Christina Smith and Josh Epps prepared to open Jelly in Capitol Hill earlier this year, they were banking on the fact that Denverites were craving a more vibrant breakfast culture, and that those people would be drawn to restaurants offering the prospect of more than just the greasy spoon diner classics.

Judging by the crowds that immediately flocked to the place, the co-owners were right. Waits on the weekend can stretch for an hour, as Capitol Hill denizens pack themselves into the front alcove of the restaurant and sip hangover cures like red beer while they wait for tables to open up.

For this week's review, I fought the jam and ate through a menu of creatively rearranged eggs Benedict, French toast, donut bites and biscuits and gravy, and I sampled a number of morning drinks, too.

How was the food? Find out tomorrow, when the review is posted here.

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600 E. 13th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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I can't get past their coffee tasting like crap.


prepare to wait an hour for your food and watch people who got sat after you eat and leave before you even get your food, and then get told by the manager that it's not their fault that they can't make pancakes in less than an hour.


Or receive ALMOST your whole order (except your pancakes), have your server notice it 5 minutes too late because his section is 3 times too large, offer to get it for you, tell the "foodrunner" who spends most of her time eating a sandwich at a table while guests wait for "one to open up", only to watch the foodrunner give it to a 10-top and overhear her tell them "o you didn't order this?...well just take it, you guys seem cool" TWICE IN A ROW!!!! 2 times, my pancake, given away to the same table. All I wanted was that stupid fucking pancake.

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