Readers: Write about fireplaces without proper photos, and you could get burned!

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Jim Wills
Brrr! As the temperature plummeted last week, Laura Shunk quickly pulled together a warming list of "Denver's five best restaurant fireplaces", including the one at Barolo Grill (above).

But because we wanted to post that list in time to heat up that night's dinner reservations, we didn't have photos of some of the actual fireplaces -- and that left some readers cold:

Wrote GTFW:

Maybe I'm going blind, but it appears only two out of the five photos actually have fireplaces in them.

Said Chilly:

I like that you can't even see the fireplace in the Barolo picture. Well done!

A quick trip to Barolo Grill by the Westword photo intern took care of that gap, and we'll continue to track down pictures of the others, as well as check out the excellent suggestions posted by other readers. But there are thousands of restaurants in the metro area, and Cafe Society doesn't have a fulltime photographer. So after you give us a deserved slap, why not give us a hand? If you have photos of local restaurants that you think would improve our dining guide, please sent them to

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Barolo Grill

3030 E. 6th Ave., Denver, CO

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Jeez, don't us commenters already carry enough water for Westword? If I was a Frasca investor working on the story, I would've called or emailed the restaurants and said, "Hey! Please send us a photo of your fireplace and we'll give you some free publicity!"

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