Generous Servings and Apres Dessert Bar have left the building

No sooner had we posted the Restaurant roll call for November, recapping the restaurants that had opened (many of them) and closed (very few) last month, than we got news of another spot that had closed its doors.

The web site for Generous Servings says simply, "After four wonderful years, Generous Servings has closed. We appreciate all your support." And when the cooking school/cafe at 3801 West 32nd Avenue closed in late November, it took Apres Dessert bar, which had opened in February 2010, along with it.

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Sad to see this coffee shop go - it was a great place.  Wonder what do with my unused gift cards.

Looks like 'Fire on the Mountain Buffalo Wings' will take its place.  Don't know much about them other than it appears to be Portland based company.

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