One Dollar Mexican shutters on 38th Avenue

one dollar mexican closed.jpg
Don't let that "open" sign deceive you, because a peek through the windows at One Dollar Mexican, which owner Eric Alvarez just opened in September, tells a very different story.

Everything has been stripped from the modest room: the cash register, the refrigerators, the snow cone machine and the sign that once listed chile rellenos, tacos and tostadas, all priced at $1 per item. The place is definitely closed -- apparently the lines of bargain hunters weren't enough to keep it open.

So if you're hunting for cheap lunch in the area, you'll have to look elsewhere -- like Buchi Cafe Cubano, just two doors down.

Location Info

One Dollar Mexican - CLOSED

2675 W. 38th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Brian Martinez
Brian Martinez

I like how "Food" just seems to be tacked onto the end of "One Dollar Mexican", as if they realized the original name might have given someone the wrong impression.


Hmm, the Google Map shows it was off the coast of Nigeria...

At least we still have Dollar Tree!! It rules!!


don't you typically give a restaurant some time to really vet the opportunity?  Is there a record for fastest opening/closing? because this might have just won it.


The posterboard signage may have well been the first clue that they did not think through their business plan as well as one might hope.

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