Reader: I'd like to see fewer chefs who are pricks in 2012

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Lori Midson
Justin Cucci of Root Down and Linger.
For our Year in Review issue, we rounded up all the answers that Chef and Tell subjects had given when asked what they'd like to see less of in Denver/Boulder from a culinary standpoint:?

The recap inspired this from Dave:

I wish for less chefs to come off as total pricks in these interviews.


Says Andd 1:

Theo from the Pinyon and Justin Cucci should get an apartment together. Can you imagine how responsible those two could get with their food sourcing if they combined into one mega douche-force? I can't....I can't even fathom how responsible they could get.

Responds Jenn:

C'mon guys--Justin Cucci is funny as hell, and his was my favorite interview of the year.

Next week, we'll post the chefs' answers to what they'd like to see appear in Denver in the new year. In the meantime, read the list of things they'd like to kiss goodbye here and here.

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I think the chefs should actually be interviewed instead of just answering a list of questions which pigeon-hole them into sounding like jerks. How are you suppose to answer "what do you want to see less of" or "whats never in your kitchen" without sounding rough. Every chef I've worked with has moved around the country or the world and has a a great story to tell, hence the reason books such as Kitchen Confidential, Blood, Bones and Butter, The Apprentice and even formerly of the Westwords Jason's Cooking Dirty are such great reads and sell so well. It'd be great if you took a little extra time to talk to them about how they came into cooking, who were their mentors and really get into these guys and girls stories.


This is par for the course in this industry.  Anyone who has worked in the business knows that the majority of chefs are assholes, the majority of bartenders steal like crazy, etc etc. Its the nature of the business.


Becoming a prick is what happens when mommy and daddy buy you a restaurant.

Lori Midson
Lori Midson you read the intros?  Also: If you look back through the interviews from the past two years, you'll see that I've often asked the chefs who their culinary inspirations are -- in other words, their mentors.

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