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Love it or hate it, there's no shortage of opinions about the Squeaky Bean. And yesterday, when the announcement came down that the restaurant had found a new home in LoDo -- in a renovated warehouse (above) where owner Johnny Ballen can put an actual kitchen for chef Max MacKissock -- people quickly started squeaking and squawking.

Said Notsohappyguest:

Perhaps now that they will have a full kitchen they will be able to scramble eggs.

To which RonPopeil responded:

Looks like you need a RonCo inside the head scrambler. Crying over scrambled eggs.
You definitely have yolks for brains.

The former home of the Squeaky Bean at 3301 Tejon Street will soon be Jezebel's, a new restaurant from the folks behind 8 Rivers.

For a look at all the places where Ballen could have signed a lease -- but didn't -- go here.

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There is a parking garage a half block away on Wynkoop between the bridge and 15th, only $5 - heated and secure...

Real Estate Guy
Real Estate Guy

I hope they do well here and can't wait to try it.  

I'm iffy on the space - it's gorgeous no doubt, but there are a few challenges: the noise on 15th is pretty strong, and the building is right up against the road.  Not a big deal with the windows closed, but to take advantage of that beautiful south exposure will be an issue.  No patio hurts of course too.  But my biggest issue with the space is the lack of parking.  In other parts of Lodo you have metered street parking, and of course surface lots.  Here, not so much.  It's really sparse for the immediate surroundings.  

But damn, it really is a fine looking space (I've been inside).

Good luck guys.

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