Reader: What drinking establishment is serving holiday cocktails and atmosphere?

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It's not yet December 25, but Cafe Society would like to play Santa early, stuffing a reader's stocking with suggestions for where he and his friends can enjoy holiday atmosphere -- and beverages.

Here's the note that Charles sent Santa:

My friends and I would like to celebrate the season properly, but have no idea which Denver drinking establishments get into the holiday spirit.

Specifically, we want to drink cider/eggnog/winter ale around a tree with lights and listen to Frank Sinatra sing some Christmas music and such. Perhaps even elves for waitstaff.

I would be forever grateful if you could you write something informing us of which places turn up the holiday cheer, for those of us with apartments too small to host friends.

We've seen plenty of bars that are decorated for the season, and also sampled many Christmas cocktails. But we have yet to find a drinking establishment with holiday music, a tree and great seasonal libations. Any ideas?

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dani glassett
dani glassett

Is that picture a stock photo or somewhere around town?

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