Reader: Is Denver a better beer city than Boulder? Forget the numbers -- what about the beer?

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The Wynkoop was the first brewpub in Denver...but far from the last.
Denver has always been a center of the beer-making world -- but until recently, you could have argued that Boulder was a better craft-beer town. But after counting up the number of craft brewers coming to Denver, Jonathan Shikes just asked, "Has Denver finally surpassed boulder as a beer city?" -- and got a lot of backwash as thanks for his efforts.

This from Bagwhan, for example:

So, Denver, with some 600,000 residents, has 14 breweries, and Boulder, with just under 100,000 residents, has 9. Which one is the better "beer city"? The whole idea of competition is dumb, I prefer to think of us all as a beery front range. But crowing about Denver being "better" because it has more gross numbers, when it doesn't come close in terms of per capita, seems pretty silly.

But according to Beercraving, the more the beerier:

All the recently opened breweries in Denver are world class and we welcome them with open arms. When I moved to Denver from Boulder a few years ago I was surprised at the lack of breweries in Denver. Now I hear about a new brewery opening or in planning every few weeks. Keep em' coming. We're stoked to hear Cheeky Monk is opening the Three Saints Brewery on Colfax.

What's the best beer town in Colorado? And does it beat Portland? Post your thoughts below, or join the conversation already started here.

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Aren't the two practically the same city anyway? Compare Denver to Portland, fine. But trying to pit Denver against Boulder is like pitting Mitt Romney against John Huntsman. Small differences but basically the same.


No, they're not.  Denver is inclusive, with a population of a wide variety of ethnicities and cultures and diversity of neighborhoods with reasonable housing prices, and an abundance of venues allowing those who choose to live whatever lifestyle they wish.

Boulder is white, exclusive, with overpriced property, "outdoorsy" competition fanatics, and filled with limousine liberals that are more conservative than you think.  Boulder is more comparable to Colorado Springs; a liberal school surrounded by white conservatives. Naropa University is just a leftist Focus on the Family.

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