Top ten Cafe Society posts of 2011

Oh, shit!
Including this post, the total number of posts on Cafe Society in 2011 was 3,241. That's a lot of bloggering for a local restaurant scene blog.

And who has time to go through all of them? Certainly not you. Which is why we've tallied up the top ten posts -- judging from traffic, at least -- on Cafe Society during the 2011 calendar year. Casa Bonita! Beers to stop drinking after you hit thirty! Hot vegetarians! Food porn!

10. The top 25 food porn photos from the Fancy Food Show
9. Denver's ten best burgers
8. At least one Taco Bell supports California's Prop 19 to legalize marijuana
7. Jack Daniel's to roll out honey-flavored whiskey; it's dangerously delicious
6. Ten beers that will make you a man -- if they don't kill you first
5. Thirteen hottest vegetarians, in honor of Hug a Vegetarian Day
4. Ten beers to stop drinking at age thirty
3. How to survive Casa Bonita, the world's weirdest Mexican restaurant
2. Guess where I'm eating?
1. Westword - Denver Restaurants and Dining - Cafe Society

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I like the list of posts by hits. However if one were to rank by a different criteria say being apt and wicked-funny -  "Thirty overused, irritating and just plain awful food words and phrases that make our mouth hurt" from Lori would be at the top of my list! 


Jeez, disappointed some of Jenn's articles like Food Porn Porn, Dollar Tree, Whole Paycheck, etc. aren't on there!

It's Jenn again...
It's Jenn again...

Thank you for the snuggles, and I 'm seriously thinking about a Happy Valentine's day---from the Dollar Tree.

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