Euclid Hall's Ryan Conklin is the only certified Cicerone behind a Denver bar. Cheers!

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Bartending rule to live by: My rule of thumb is that customer comes first. Maybe it's cliché, but a lot of people are moving forward into the craft cocktail sort of thing, and they forget that not everyone is on that journey with them. The guest doesn't know that you just learned you shouldn't shake a martini. If that's how they want it, you should give it to them. Make it the way they want it, because that's how they want their drink. Each guest needs to be read. Why did they come to your bar? Because they want to sit there and read the newspaper? Try something new? Meet a friend? The key is that it's about the guest.

Also, fresh ingredients always make the best cocktails.

Five words to describe your drink list: For the bar program: Relevant, fun, fresh, inspired, approachable. "Fresh" is the only thing I wouldn't include for beer - we serve fresh beers, and definitely do so when we should, but we also serve some beers aged because they taste better that way.

Favorite drink on your list and why: Right now, the Breakfast at Midnight. It's a beer cocktail made with Lefthand Nitro Milk Stout, bourbon, French Press coffee and maple syrup. But stop by quick, because the menu's about to change. We'll have another Milk Stout cocktail, the Naughty Girl Scout, which has chocolate vodka, peppermint schnapps and peppermint in it. Personally, I also like Lefthand Milk Stout with chocolate vodka and Grand Marnier or Combier. It's kind of a take on a Christmas chocolate orange. I'm excited about the Mustache Rye, too. It's Old Overholt rye, Averna, Amaro Montenegro and fresh squeezed orange juice. It's a rich, savory take on a whiskey cocktail.

Favorite item on your back bar: I've been really excited about Leopold's Maryland Rye lately. Ryes are gaining popularity, but some of them are tough to get, and some are tough to get regularly. So I've been really into experimenting with rye. It has an incredible flavor, aroma and palate.

What was your craziest night behind the stick? I've been fortunate enough to avoid a lot of the high volume bars, so my crazy nights are mostly positive. Friday night this past year of the Great American Beer Festival was probably one of my most humbling, most awesome and craziest nights ever. I had Ken Grossman, owner and founder of Sierra Nevada, Vinnie and Natalie Cilurzo from Russian River, as well as Garrett Oliver, brewmaster of Brooklyn Brewery, sitting at one table. I had a group of eight from Beer Advocate, a group of twenty from Firestone Walker and a group of fourteen from Boulevard Brewing Company. As a Cicerone, I was doing my best to recognize all the VIPs and making sure they knew they mattered. I made sure their beers were on tap and I gave them tours of the basement facilities and the butchering facilities since there's a lot to the food program that makes the beer program exciting. Chef Jorel's precision is so key, and his passion is so infinite. When I show beer VIPs around, their passion for the place often comes from the food program. So I got to show those VIPs what makes Euclid Hall Euclid Hall. I had so many awesome people there, but I was also taking on the general public and fans that really wanted to taste something they'd never tasted before. You can fly out Denver during GABF and never buy a ticket but taste amazing beer. Places tap great beers in those four days. You're gonna taste things that you'll never taste anywhere else. The festival is bigger than the convention center. So we saw 1200 or 1300 people that night. And while trying to entertain those people, I also had the focus of 60 or 70 big people from the beer industry that I wanted to treat the way they deserve. It was crazy.

Favorite Denver venue for a drink that's not your own and what you order when you're there: I go to Colt & Gray and I ask Kevin Burke to make me something, dealer's choice. I make a lot of decisions during the day, and they're based on what I know. So when I go out for a drink, it's always great to ask someone to pour me something. It's never about stumping the bartender. I just like to sit in front of an educated bartender who knows exactly what they're doing so they can share their passion with me, be it beer, wine or cocktails.

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Ryan is a great guy and deserves the recognition. Good show RyGuy.


Don't forget about Mike Burns also a certified cicerone at Coohills in Denver! 


Couldn't find Mike Burns on the roster. Checked Certified Cicerone and Master Cicerone Levels and then went and looked through the 8000+ Beer Servers and he doesn't show up.  If his certification is through tell him to contact them and get him listed.


Ken Grossman, not Griffin, is the founder of Sierra Nevada.

Laura Shunk
Laura Shunk

Thanks, all, those errors were mine -- I've fixed them.


Garrett Oliver is the brewmaster at Brooklyn Brewery.  Steve Hindy & Tom Potter are the owners and founders.  Quick fact check would have caught that.

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