Cuisine of India will go in where 8islands Hawaiian BBQ went out

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Samantha Baker
After a remodel, 8islands will become Cuisine of India.
Hawaiian places are hard to come by in our landlocked state, and the sun set on a couple of them in 2011.

Pristine Bar & Grill, a Sheridan spot that was scheduled to open last June, barely got off the ground before it converted to Reef Night Club. And 8islands Hawaiian BBQ, one of the few places in this state where you could get an authentic Hawaiian plate lunch, closed its doors in late December, leaving a vacant strip-mall spot on Boulder's 28th Street.

That spot has already been snapped up, though. The space is being remodeled and is slated to become Cuisine of India.

A sign out front promises that the place is "coming soon."

If you're still looking to satisfy a craving for that blend of Asian flavors and tropical tastes that marks the cuisine of Hawaii, head to Oasis Grill in Aurora or Iwayama Sushi and Da Big Kahuna Bistro in Littleton.

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Cuisine of India

3050 28th St., Boulder, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Great more Indian food!!!!!! Yuk!!! You will be missed 8 Island!

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