Give us more! Denver chefs want more markets, "cheflucks" and butcher shops in 2012

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Lori Midson
For last week's Year in Review issue, we recapped what the subjects of the 2011 Chef and Tell interviews would like to see less of in Denver. This time, we're serving up their wish lists of what they hope to find on Denver's plate in the new year -- everything from year-round farmers' markets to whole-carcass fabrication to late-night grub houses, East Coast-style delis and tapas bars. Here are their answers to the question: What would you like to see more of in Denver/Boulder from a culinary standpoint?

Dana Rodriguez, Bistro Vendôme

Farmers' markets would definitely be one on my list, along with old-school techniques that highlight ingredients. And as a mother of three, I'd like to see more affordable, healthy and delicious places to eat with your family.

Rob Lawler, The Truffle

I think we're doing really well, and it always annoys me when people rant on not having a good Micronesian restaurant or whatever. These people aren't happy with anything, and most likely couldn't cook their way out of a paper bag, even if someone gave them a hot pan and a sharp knife. There are so many innovative and exciting restaurants here, and it's great to see Denver chefs doing their own thing, showing their style and accentuating Colorado produce. It really is a very exciting time in Denver. Still, I'd like to see more independently owned markets, butcher shops, produce markets, cheese shops, bakeries and patisseries -- places that do only one thing and do it really, really well.

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Lori Midson
Annabelle Forestal
Annabelle Forrestal, Vine Street Pub, Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery and Southern Sun Brewery

More markets. I grew up walking down to our local farmers' market just about every day to eat, play, socialize, observe and just hang outside. When I was fifteen, I turned from customer to employee and continued to work there every summer for six years. I developed great relationships with the customers, and I had regulars who would come in to discuss what to cook for the week, or what to serve for a dinner party. They would ask me to pick melons that would be ripe on a certain day down the road, and since I ate all the produce myself, I knew what it should look like, smell like and taste like. I provided only the best for my customers, and each week they would return wanting more. It's all about local, seasonable and good-tasting food provided by a knowledgeable person who cares.

Amos Watts, Jax Fish House Denver

I'd love to see something like San Francisco's Ferry Building open in Denver -- it would be awesome to have an indoor market where you can have a year-round farmers' market atmosphere.

Eric Uffelmann, Marlowe's

I'd really like to see more bakeries -- real bakeries.

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+1 on more bakeries.

Denver Urban Homesteading
Denver Urban Homesteading

Ay!  The people posting here who want farmers' markets that are open all year or that specialize in local foods don't appear to know about our indoor, year-round local farmers' market, Denver Urban Homesteading, at 200 Santa Fe Drive, Denver,

Westword and Lori Midson have been kind to us by publishing news about us here, but still the word is not out to everyone.  And since we provide farmers and fooders with indoor space at very reasonable rates and get no government financial support, we don't have the money for advertising.

Ivy Miller
Ivy Miller

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Im fairly surprised by many of these comments...

More markets? Year round markets? - The unfortunate thing about being here in colorado is our short growing seasons and rocky soil, making our local produce a scarce commodity most of the year... and that leaves us with wicker baskets and products in jars which I fucking hate

A Jewish Deli?? We had Zaidy's and it closed... 

Want Tapas? how about Ondos? or 9th door? (and another on the way and Im sure you already know about it...)

More Neighborhood butcher shops?? Oh wait, theres pig and block, olivers, tonys, marzycks, cooks, il mondo vecchio...and if those don't work find a fucking carniceria of which there are plenty

East Coast Deli? Go to Spinelli's, East side Kosher Deli or Continental Meats and you will leave satisfied. 

Lastly, the cry for more authentic ethnic food? Oshima Ramen, US Thai, Star Kitchen, a dozen Mexican spots (depending on which region of mexico you want to eat from), the Italian joints in the NW area and most of Federal Blvd through the whole city all leave me very satisfied. 

What do I think Denver needs the most? 

Cooks with just a little more time off, so you can have dinner clubs, eat around town, and take this city to the next level in 2012. 

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