Denver's ten best sushi restaurants

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Jim Wills
3. Land of Sushi
Back in 2000, Land of Sushi opened in a strip mall across from what was then Southglenn Mall -- now the Streets at SouthGlenn -- and quickly made a splash. Over the years, the spot has just gotten better. The restaurant itself doesn't look like much, but the bare-bones ambience just means there's nothing to distract your attention from the food -- and the food definitely deserves all your attention. Owner Steve Lin gets shipments every day, and he regularly posts specials like live scallops and uber-fresh uni. But even if you're ordering the usual suspects -- like salmon, tuna and yellowtail -- you're assured some of the freshest fish around, cut excellently and displayed beautifully.

Jim Wills
2. Sushi Den
In Denver, all roads lead to Sushi Den, the restaurant brothers Toshi and Yasu Kizaki opened over 25 years ago, immediately proving Colorado's status as a land-locked state was no excuse for bad fish. Sushi Den sources from all over the world, flying many selections in from markets in Tokyo. The chefs use those ingredients to turn out platters both traditional and inventive -- sometimes at the same time -- to the fans that pack this South Pearl spot on a nightly basis.

Jim Wills
1. Sushi Sasa
It's been six years since Wayne Conwell opened Sushi Sasa, bringing to Denver the new-style Japanese cuisine he'd learned under Iron Chef Morimoto. Six years of dishes punched up with the influences of Italy and France, six years of stellar fish, six years of imaginative omakase menus exploring the best Japanese cuisine the city has to offer. Six years of Conwell staying spot-on in his execution of everything from tenderloin to toro.That landed Sushi Sasa our Best Sushi award in Best of Denver® 2011 -- and made it the restaurant to beat in Best of Denver® 2012.

Have another favorite? Tell us about it below.

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Eddie Walker
Eddie Walker

Thank you for highlighting Sushi Yoshi.  We go here regularly, and the food is always good, fresh, simple and tasty.  


We all see who paid Westword for the good word. LMAO. This list is a joke.This comes from a native of Denver and a nightly dine-outer/sushi snob. lol.

Christopher Cina
Christopher Cina

I have to agree on Banzai, maybe not Top 10 but definitely top 20.  Also surprised to see Japon left off the list, although I have to admit I haven't been there in a while so not sure it's still as good as I remember.


quite surprised to see so many non-japanese operated restaurants on this list.


Namiko's should be higher on the list!  While the service can be hit or miss, the sushi and sashimi are always excellent.


Dear Westword, check out Sushi Leo in Longmont. The owner is a Sushi Tora alumni and it's quickly becoming a favorite.

Michael Patrick
Michael Patrick

I have never had an enjoyable experience at Namiko's. If the service is OK than the rolls suck and fall apart the second you try to pick them up. If the rolls are OK - no one comes by your table after they drop them off to ask if you want another drink or bring you the check. You have to go hunt down a waiter to get a drink or the bill. The owner makes the excuse that they are so busy and it's a good thing - if you're so busy hire some more people!

I'm surprised that Banzai didn't make the list - it has been rated in the top two by many of the Denver surveys several times in years past. It isn't fancy but they have a ton of delicious rolls and there is almost never a long wait. 

David Jones
David Jones

Banzai is near where I live. Love the place. I'm not sure if it belongs in a "Top 10" kind of a list, but I've never had a bad experience, the food has been great, and the owner is a really nice guy. 

My wife and I usually make it a social event with a group of friends. It's become a bit of a favorite for our little crew.

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