Blue Sushi Sake Grill could have LoDo swimming in sushi

Last fall a load of pizza joints signed on to open in LoDo; now it looks like LoDo could soon be swimming in sushi.

Blue Sushi Sake Grill, an Omaha-based chain, has signed on to take the space at 1616 16th Street that had once been half of Dixons. "We are excited to announce that we will be opening our 5th location this summer," reads the Blue Sushi website. "We're going to Denver!"

Two blocks away at 1520 Blake Street, the former home of Organixx has been leased to another sushi spot. The oldest sushi joint in Lodo is Sonoda's, at 1620 Market Street; it's part of a homegrown chain of four restaurants.

As for new pizza joints, the other half of the Dixons space is becoming Lucky Pie, a sibling to the Lucky Pie in Louisville. In another split of space, Wazee Wood-Fired Pizza opened in December in the former bar area of Big Game at 1631 Wazee Street (the rest of the space is now District Meats). And come March, Toppings -- a take-it-and-bake-it pizza shop -- is slated to open at 1433 17th Street.

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Blue Sushi Sake Grill

1616 16th St., Denver, CO

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Look what happened to that chain sushi place out of Cali. that was at Park Meadows, gone!  Chain sushi restaurants throw me off, anybody else prefer a local place where the craft is carries by those who have been making sushi for quite some time?


I give it eight months, max.  Sonoda's has customer loyalty and reasonable quality for reasonable price.  Sushi Sasa has fine-dining quality.  All bases are covered.  This is sandwiched a few blocks in-between.

It'll be gone faster than you can say "Tommy Tsunami."

Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford

Of particular note is that we're talking about an Omaha-based sushi chain.

WTF? I give it 90 days, tops...


I was all prepared to rip into the idea of an Omaha-based sushi joint but then I remembered what a hard time I have convincing east- or west-coasters that Sushi Den is one of the best sushi restaurants in the nation. Denver is just as landlocked as Omaha and most people outside of the Rocky Mountains see us as just another fly-over cowtown. Having said that, I can now say "Omaha sushi? What a freakin' joke!"

Blue Sushi Sake Gril
Blue Sushi Sake Gril

We understand hesitation with sushi coming from an Omaha-based restaurant, but our land-locked location hasn't hindered our ability to source fish from some of the best seafood purveyors in the world, including from Hawaii, Alaska and Japan. Our high-quality sushi standards for our Denver location will be no different. A lot of what we serve was actually swimming in the ocean 24 hours before hitting the plate. 

John Henderson of the Denver Post stopped by our Omaha Old Market location in 2010 and deemed that visit one of his top meals of the year. http://www.bluesushisakegrill.... 

We are definitely not a chain. We are a small restaurant group expanding our reach within the midwest. Each location is unique. I hope you will have an opportunity to check us out when we open in LoDo this summer. Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions about our restaurant. We're looking forward to serving Denver. Best, Megan Longo from Blue Sushi Sake Grill. 

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