Moe's Original Bar-B-Que opens a Boulder outlet

Moe's Original Bar-B-Que first fired up the pit more than ten years ago, when three Alabama natives -- Mike Fernandez, Ben Gilbert and Jeff Kennedy -- made their way to Vail and set up a restaurant to hawk the food they grew up eating. Since then, Moe's has proliferated, and the guys have opened many locations across the South -- and seven outlets in Colorado.

Today, they're adding another address to their portfolio: Boulder's first Moe's opened its doors for lunch just a few hours ago.

Mike Shelly, who also runs the Moe's in Bear Creek, is in charge of this restaurant, though Lorrie Dixson, who does public relations for Moe's, notes that it's not exactly a franchise. "We call it a family of restaurants," she explains. "We only have friends and family running the places; it's not just any franchisee."

Still, Shelly has the freedom to make slight alterations to the Moe's menu -- while he serves up smoked turkey, pulled pork and catfish, Dixson also notes that many Colorado operators like to offer vegetarian specials, particularly in communities like Boulder.

The new restaurant, located near 30th and Baseline -- an area rife with CU students -- boasts 75 seats in the dining room and sixteen seats on the patio. Shelly has also put an emphasis on the full bar, hoping to lure in a vibrant, college-age nightlife scene.

Moe's has plans to open a handful of other restaurants around the country this year, but Dixson says there's nothing on the books for Colorado for 2012. The next local town to get a pit will be Frisco, she notes, "but I don't think that will happen this year."

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Moe's Original Bar-B-Que

675 30th St., Boulder, CO

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Really? We love everything at Moe's BBQ!


We ate there last week and found it average at best. The beans tasted like they came out of a can and had little flavor. Potato salad was mediocre. We ordered a family serving for 3-4 and when I asked for an extra bun they wanted to charge .50 for it. They're jumping over dollars to get to pennies. A $30 order and they won't give up a cheap white bun??? Overall, they can't compare to the  quality, taste, and price at KT's. We won't be going back to Moe's.


I'm cautiously optimistic... I don't think there's any other 'Bama style BBQ around these parts (we seem to have a glut of KC style), so just having a different style available is promising.  We'll have to see how it tastes, though.


Hope their BBQ is better than their Denver locations.

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