Pho Ta will join Super Star and King's Land in Alameda Square...someday

In honor of the Chinese New Year, we've been eating our way through Alameda Square, where there's always plenty of parking since the Lowe's store that was supposed to resurrect the area closed in November, after less than two years in business. Amazingly, both Super Star Asian and King's Land Seafood Restaurant managed to survive the construction that had torn up the development at 2200 West Alameda Avenue.

But just as there are plenty of places in the parking lot, we found plenty of empty seats in both restaurants. On Tuesday, just a handful of tables in the cavernous King's Land were occupied at lunch; Super Star, too, had open tables at lunch yesterday (but then, the space that was once so cramped took advantage of the changes in the development to expand a few feet to the south).

You can expect more crowds on Saturday, when Super Star will host a Dragon Dance in Alameda Square.

And someday, city licensing departments willing, there will be another eating option here: Pho Ta, which bills itself as "Vietnamese House of Noodle," has taken over the space two doors down from Super Star and will open once it gets a required fire hydrant.

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Pho Ta

2200 W. Alameda Ave., Denver, CO

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Brian Martinez
Brian Martinez

I always thought it was a stupid move to build a Lowe's there.  At least the shopping center had few vacancies and a lot of traffic when it was still a bit of a dump.  Now there's a gigantic retail space sitting vacant, and probably will be for years given the economy.  Nice job, DURA.

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