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cafebar exterior.jpg
Anthony Camera
This week's review took me to the area just north of West Washington Park, where Dale Huguley created Cafe|Bar in the former home of Pho Pasta. With the help of chef Eric Rivera, he married European cafe culture to sustainable sourcing and excellent design. The result is a versatile neighborhood restaurant that works as well for a lunch meeting as it does for a dinner date, a drink at the bar or a nightcap and dessert.

Here, to go with my Cafe|Bar review, are photos of a few of the dishes. For more of Cafe|Bar, check out our slide show.

cafebar bread-pudding-1.jpg
Anthony Camera
Caramelized onion-sage bread pudding.

cafebar burger-1.jpg
Anthony Camera
The bison burger, crowned with barely buzzed cheese and roasted red peppers.

cafebar steak-2.jpg
Anthony Camera
Lamb t-bones.

Location Info

Cafe|Bar - CLOSED

295 S. Pennsylvania St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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tomatoes and red peppers... in the middle of January?

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