Photos: Crimson Canary, the rare bird featured in this week's review

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Mark Manger
A salumi board at Crimson Canary.
For my review in this week's Westword, I landed at Crimson Canary, the newest concept from Joey Newman and brothers Andre and Aaron Lobato, the trio that brought Denver Interstate Kitchen & Bar. When they took over the old Mona's address on South Broadway, they filled it with a concept they call "Boss Italian," paying homage to the romanticized version of old Italian joints celebrated in Hollywood films in the '70s, but modernizing that vision and making it relevant for today's dining scene.

And they did one hell of a job. But what makes Crimson Canary really sing is the food. Here, to go with the review, is a side of photos. For more of this spot, check out our slide show.

Mark Manger
Some of the best fried calamari I've ever had.

Mark Manger
Shrimp, prosciutto and pea sprout risotto.

Mark Manger
Linguini with clams.

Mark Manger
Osso bucco with house-cut noodles and broth bittered by escarole.

Location Info

Crimson Canary - CLOSED

141 S. Broadway, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Joey B
Joey B

Dang ya'll.....looks tasty.

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