Reader: Park Meadows could use some new food spots

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It's all about suburbia today. After reviewing Street Kitchen Asian Bistro, Laura Shunk went on a hunt for the
"Five best places for lunch near the Tech Center,"
which inspired a number of suggestions -- some of them ethnic joints, which she'd said were in short supply in the southern 'burbs. The news that theEpic Burgers (formerly Fat Burgers) had closed brought up more thoughts about food in suburbia, including the California-based Mikuni Sushi, which had opened with such fanfare in the Vistas at Park Meadows: "Mikuni Sushi. Majestic. Massive. Magnificent," pronounced Mikuni's website. And no more.

Like the Counter before it, Mikuni quietly closed its doors. And California Cafe, one of the original tenants at Park Meadows, did not renew its lease for 2012.

Says 303RelaxN:

Park Meadows could use some new food spots, and that's a prime location due to IKEA's crowds. Hope they move out their crap ASAP. P.S. I really do miss the REAL Fatburger...sad it had so much drama in Colorado. Guess it's one of those places that goes back to being vacation only, ala In-N-Out Burger.

What's your favorite restaurant in the southern suburbs? What's your favorite ethnic joint? Post your suggestions below, or join the conversation already under way here.

For other sushi spots -- all over the metro areas -- see Laura Shunk's recent list of the Ten best sushi restaurants.

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Wild Ginger has great Thai food


Hoong's Palace serves very good Chinese


Chains dominate the southern suburbs, so good food is tough to find, and ethnic food is even tougher to find. My favorites are probably Farro (just north of 470 in Centennial) for casual dining and Opus (Littleton) for a really nice meal.

I went to Land of Sushi with my six-year-old, so we didn't explore too much, but their basic sushi was pretty good and very reasonably priced. I like Little Basil for takeout, but I've found that you need to stick to certain items (like their dumplings, noodle dishes, and curries - their Chinese dishes always seem to disappoint).

Over at Park Meadows, La Sandia puts out good food, and White Chocolate Grill is solid as well, but both tend to feel overpriced for what you get (the happy hour specials at La Sandia are pretty good, though). In Lone Tree, India's Clay Oven does some good Indian food (they have a lunch buffet that's definitely worth trying), and right next door is Yuki Sushi Robati, where the sushi has seemed unremarkable but the Japanese dishes (like their udon) have been really nice.

Taqueria Los Tres Reyes is a little gem hidden in Littleton - do yourself a favor and avoid the more pedestrian "normal" tex-mex dishes in favor of their tacos, especially their Yucatan specialties. Damascus Grill is another Littleton favorite of mine - I like their lamb dishes.

Anyone else have suggestions?

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