Wild Eggs celebrates its three-millionth yolk with free breakfast for a year

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Lori Midson
Oh, the wild schemes that restaurants will hatch in order to get to us eat. Take Wild Eggs, for example: The Kentucky-based breakfast and lunch spot, which recently opened in Denver at 300 East Alameda, is inching toward cracking its three-millionth egg, which is enough to scramble anyone's brain. On the sunny side, however, if you're the recipient of egg dish 3,000,000, 3,000,001, 3,000,002 or 3,000,003, then you'll get a $25 gift certificate every week for 52 weeks. That's a lot of yolking around.

Anyway...here's how to play.

All you have to do to win is show up at Wild Eggs, order an egg dish (eggs in the batter of pancakes, muffins and waffles don't count) and hope that the person nesting next to you doesn't have you beaten.

"This is going to be an extra exciting egg to crack," says Matt Bergman, executive chef of Wild Eggs Denver. "Since our family opened up this location, we've been welcomed by the community with open arms and satisfied taste buds. Now this is our special way to celebrate our guests and say thank you."

By the way, if you have an eggceptional egg pun that will crack us up, go ahead and lay it on us in the comments section below. We'll give way an EatDenver Dining Deck to the person who hatches the best one.

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As Mr Burns would say.. That shell make a eggcellent meal now let's get cracking.


I think it would egg-cellent to win a s(hell) of a prize. I'm egg-cited and would love to feather my nest with free breakfast from Wild Eggs! Don't crack any yolks because I'd really fried if I don't win. It won't go over easy and my head would be scrambled if I cannot win. So don't be a benedict, Arnold, and betray me or I will get a dozen of my best men to ensure victory.

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