Announcement: We have a winner of our Michael Pollan contest

Journalist, author, professor and sustainable living advocate Michael Pollan is lecturing at the Paramount Theater tonight, and yesterday, we held a contest that would give one Cafe Society reader the opportunity to snag a pair of complimentary tickets to his presentation.

We asked readers to submit questions for Pollan, and we'll be honest: Thee were some excellent ones, many of which, he'll no doubt address this evening. But we can only pick one winner....

And our winner is Amy, who posed this question to Pollan:

I volunteer with a terrific nonprofit called Operation Frontline that teaches cooking and nutrition skills to low-income children and families. Cheap and fast are usually the top priorities in our classes. Where do you think the best place is to start when food budgets and cooking time are very tight?

We chose Amy's question, in part, because it's not just low-income children and families who are on budgets and struggle with time constraints: "Cheap and fast" have become buzz words in households all over America, rich and poor, and most of us would like to simplify our lives while still subscribing to a healthy lifestyle.

If you'd still like to purchase tickets, go to And if you type in the code word "GREEN," you'll also get a discount off the ticket price.

By the way, if you're interested in Pollan's "food rules" for eating well, here they are:

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I think that this question would be better posed to Jamie Oliver and for that matter has been answered by Jamie Oliver… too bad - there were some much better and thought provoking questions… our loss!


My guess as to Pollan's answer will probably be along the lines of "make more time to cook and eat and buy the healthiest things you can afford." People complain that they don't have time to cook, but most of them have all the time they need to keep up with the Kardasians.

Lori Midson
Lori Midson

I'm sorry. I must have missed it. What was your question? 

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