Reader: Beatrice & Woodsley is a better setting for a horror movie than a romantic dinner

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Cassandra Stiltner
The perfect setting for a romantic meal in the woods...or the next Blair Witch Project?
What's Denver's most lovely spot for a Valentine's Day dinner? Just in time for February 14 (2013, perhaps, since these places book up early), Lori Midson tied a bow around her list of the top ten most romantic restaurants in Denver.

But for one reader, that list holds more sour notes than sweet.

Writes Rocky Mountain Oyster:

Beatrice & Woodsley felt more like Halloween than Valentine's Day to me. This is a restaurant with chainsaws for decorations.

Loved Vesta Dipping Grill but found it more urban and edgy and loud than romantic.

Disappointed that Opus didn't make the list.

What did you think of Lori's list? Which restaurant should have made the cut...and which should be dumped, like a disappointing Valentine's Day date? Post your comment below, or join the conversation already under way after the initial "ten most romantic restaurants" post.

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Beatrice & Woodsley

38 S. Broadway, Denver, CO

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