Caminito Tango closes and Tresca Trattoria will take its place

Tresca Trattoria is next up in a frequently changing space.
Given the recent history of the space at 3555 West 38th Avenue, it's not surprising that Argentinean restaurant Caminito Tango has closed its doors. It opened last May, following Viejo Domingo, which lasted just under a year. Playa de Oro preceded both restaurants, and as paper signs on the restaurant's window indicate, Tresca Trattoria will be the next venture to try to maintain some longevity in this location.

Westword restaurant critic Laura Shunk gave Caminito Tango a favorable review last October, but be that as it may, it closed quietly and the phone line at the restaurant leads to a full voicemail box.

Location Info

Caminito Tango Argentinian Bar & Grill - CLOSED

3555 W. 38th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Music

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hmmmmm, how about b/c there is NO parking for this location?

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