Reader: Keep pouring out columns about Chartreuse and other lesser-known bottles

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Grand Chartreuse Monastery, the home of monks...and Chartreuse.
Sean Kenyon had a busy fall -- working at Euclid Hall, opening Williams & Graham, and traveling to a monastery in France, where he got to mix a Chartreuse cocktail for a monk.

But Chartreuse is not reserved just for the monks who make it from a centuries-old secret recipe. As Kenyon reports, it's now a go-to drink for bartenders and their regulars alike, the latest in a long line of fad pours.

Compliments keep pouring out for Kenyon's liquid tour through the history of this drink. Writes monopod:

More columns like this, please! Love reading about some of the less-well-known bottles behind the bar that I've always wondered about. Lillet? Galliano? I'm ready to be enlightened...

And another reader offered this quote from bartender Warren: It's "the only liquor so good they named a color after it."

Read more about Chartreuse here.

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I second that request. That's part of the fun of going to bars- experimenting with different spirits and cocktails

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