Contest: Win two seats to the Comida Cantina friends and family dinner

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The pink Comida taco truck has been a regular sight on the streets of Boulder for the last few years, and it's about to get a stationary counterpart: Rayme Rossello's Comida Cantina will open its doors in Longmont next Friday, serving up tacos, tortas and tostados -- with licuados and cocktails to pair.

And one lucky person will score two seats to the friends and family opening, thereby getting a special preview of the space before it opens to the public.

Want to win? Here's what you should do:

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and "Tina," the Comida truck, could use a little wooing. Write her a love letter that recounts your favorite part about her beauty. The most convincing letter will win.

Make sure to enter a valid e-mail address in the appropriate field -- we won't share it -- so we can get in touch if you're the winner.

Comida's friends and family night is February 16, so we'll be announcing a winner next Thursday and contacting that person with details on how to claim the prize.

Good luck!

Location Info

Comida Cantina

721 Confidence Drive, Longmont, CO

Category: Restaurant

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The flash of midday sun off your wind screened smiling eyes 

I crane around the corner at your taco truck thighs. 

Your scent wafts down the block as I approach your delights...

But you’re driving away; my timing’s not right.

You are the first thing I think of when my stomach starts to growl. 

You've never let me down when my hunger's on the prowl. 

In Prospect you’ll stop running and that’s the time I’ll start

To finally catch up with you and give you my heart.



Tina, spicy, pinkDelicious. I follow you -so hungry, feed me!

Lianna Bodzin
Lianna Bodzin

Oh Tina!! How I've missed you the last few weeks, as Rayme has been getting your stationary sister ready. You are a wonderful shade of bright, hot pink, and I love the fact that you always have flowers on your window. But that's not what makes you amazing. No, it's the sass and spunk and spice that you bring, that brightens my days the most. Wednesdays on East Walnut have been sad and gloomy without Sombra Shrooms. At the office we lament that another week is passing without a visit from Your Pinkness. But I know that it's just a matter of time until I can enjoy your gorditas and tostadas and lovely Mexi Mess.Lianna

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