Contests: Win a margarita and taco party for four at Pica's Mexican Taqueria in Boulder

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Wednesday, February 22, is National Margarita Day. Unfortunately, it's not a paid holiday. Nonetheless, any day is a good day to down a margarita, which, incidentally, was allegedly the invention of a woman in San Antonio, Mrs. William (Margarita) Sames, who poured what she claims was the world's first margarita cocktail at a boozefest in Acapulco in 1948.

Today, the tequila-bombed cocktail is one of this country's most popular libations, and restaurants and bars all over Denver and Boulder want you to celebrate National Margarita Day in style, including Pica's Mexican Taqueria in Boulder, which is going to hook up one Cafe Society reader -- and up to three of his or her friends -- with a margarita and taco party worth up to $100.

Here's how to emerge victorious: Guesstimate how many Pica's margaritas are served in a week. Leave your guesses (and a valid e-mail address so we can contact you if you're the winner) in the comments section below, and the person who comes the closest to the correct number without going over will win the contest -- and the prize.

We'll announce the winner bright and early on Wednesday morning; the party at Pica's runs throughout the day, from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., and you and your cohorts can arrive any time after 11 a.m.

Ready, set, start calculating.

Location Info

Pica's Mexican Taqueria

5360 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, CO

Category: Restaurant

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180 per week. See calc below:

15 Monday15 Tuesday20 weds 30 thurs 45 fri40 sat15 sun

B $
B $



I'm going to guess 800.

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