Denver's ten best dessert spots

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Rob Christensen
Pizzeria Locale
The lesson we learned the first time we dined at Pizzeria Locale: Save room for dessert. Because by the time we'd stuffed our pieholes with pizzas, salumi and salads, we were begging for mercy -- but we still couldn't stop ourselves from ordering a round of sweets. We're particularly fond of the delicate butterscotch pudding, the saltimboca -- pizza dough stuffed with nutella -- and the housemade gelati and sorbeti, all of them worth the trip to Boulder even if you skip the pizza pie.

Mark Manger
Olav Peterson nabbed pastry chef Danielle St. John from D Bar, and since she took control of the sweets at Bittersweet, she's been rolling out better and better finales. We've swooned over her seasonal fruit-focused ice creams and the shortbreads topped with berries. Our favorite, though, could be the s'more, a plate pooled with chocolate and housemade marshmallow fluff, stacked with a crumbly housemade chocolate graham cracker and crowned with strawberries.

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Cassandra Kotnik
1. Olivéa
Yasmin Lozada-Hissom is an absolute wizard with pastries, and she crafts desserts with an innovative touch, a mastery of technique and a mind for balance. We're constantly delighted by what she comes up with, whether it's the best chocolate-and-fleur de sel caramel tart we've ever had, doughnuts injected with lemon and ricotta (one of our 100 Favorite Dishes of 2010), or creme fraiche panna cotta. In a town with many great dessert-makers, Lozada-Hissom is truly a cut above. And that's what earned Olivéa the Best Desserts nod in the Best of Denver® 2011.

Have other favorites? Tell us about them below.

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Just because a place is a dessert bar doesn't mean they put out quality pastries. The desserts at crave are some of the worst I've ever tasted.


It is a crime that frasca did not make this list


Much love for the shout-out to Danielle @ BIttersweet. She's been killing it ever since she's been over there!


Honestly, I think that sweets need a little more air (or word?) time here at Cafe Society.  Every other day includes a post about green chile, but you can only squeeze out two measly dessert posts within a span of 7 months?  As a local dessert professional (both in creating and eating them...ha!), I know for a fact that there are FAR more desserts worth taking note of in the Denver metro than the 10 you've listed here!  


Agree 100% with ChoLon and Colt & Gray. 

Definitely disagree with Linger being on list; I thought both their peanut butter cup and mud pie desserts (mentioned in article) were completely boring. 

My votes: creme brulee at Opus, red velvet cupcake at Euclid Hall, and doughnuts at Salt. 


How could you forget the sopaipillas at Casa Bonita?

Gary Peck
Gary Peck

Aion in Boulder has great croissants and pastries.

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