Reader: Is FIVE too much of a good thing?

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Leigh Sullivan founded FIVE, a group of Denver chefs who cook across the country, back in 2008; the lineup, like Sullivan herself, has gone through some changes over the years. Sullivan recently relaunched her own marketing/public relations company, Leigh Sullivan Enterprises, and just announced the latest lineup of FIVE, which includes both chefs and bartenders:

Tyler Wiard (a FIVE veteran and executive chef of Elway's Cherry Creek); Hosea Rosenberg, Top Chef season-five winner and co-owner of Blackbelly Catering; Samir Mohammad, executive chef of Village Cork; Jenna Johansen, co-owner of Dish in Edwards and Il Mondo Vecchio Mercato-Salumeria, which is coming to Denver this spring; Crave Dessert Bar & Lounge pastry chef Jessica Scott; sommelier Jonathan Greschler of Fuel Cafe; and mixologist James Lee, formerly of Bitter Bar in Boulder, who's joined with Rosenberg to launch Blackbelly Catering.

The announcement inspired several quibbles -- about grammar, experience...and counting.

Says GFTW:

Isn't five, like, um, supposed to mean five?

More to the point, adds Nothankyou:

With the exception of Tyler, FIVE looks to me like nothing more than a collaboration of Colorado service industry professionals who can't hold a steady job at 1 restaurant for more than 3 months.

Too bad my interest in this self-righteous touting of supposed talent won't even last that long...

Quibbles and critics aside, as it moves into its fifth year, FIVE is still cooking....which is more than you can say for many other Denver dining ventures.

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Be cynical if you want, Nothankyou, but your comments make it apparent that you haven't eaten Samir Mohammad's food and that you think very poorly of women in the restaurant business. Being a pastry chef like Jessica Scott is nothing to scoff at, especially at a restaurant that specializes in desserts. Jenna Johansen's credentials also speak for themselves - anyone who's involved in getting Il Mondo Vecchio's products to a wider market is a genius as far as I'm concerned. I think it's fair to point out that several of the names on this year's list are clients of Leigh Sullivan, but that doesn't mean they aren't accomplished or don't properly represent the exciting things that are happening in the Colorado restaurant scene.

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