Homegrown Mercedes Mexican Restaurant chain closes several restaurants

Mercedes Mexican Restaurant is a home-grown chain that proliferated across the city, hawking $1.50 breakfast burritos, among other staples, from storefronts on University, Santa Fe and Sheridan.

But when we posted our January roll call, listing the restaurants that opened and closed last month, Manfrenjensen suggested that the Mercedes locations might have shuttered, too:

Might want to check on the status of several of the Mercedes' Mexican outlets in NW Denver. The one at 44th & Sheridan looks to be closed or remodeling; no answer at 26th & Kipling; disconnected phone at 41st & Kipling.

We stopped by the Santa Fe location, the last outlet to open just a couple of years ago, to find that it's definitely dark and for lease; the address on University Boulevard has been cleaned out, as well, and it appears to be under construction.

And when we reached an employee at the location near 70th and Pecos, she confirmed that every location has closed except for three: the 70th and Pecos store, the outlet on 26th and Kipling and the Northglenn space on Irma and 112th.

As for why the other locations shuttered, she didn't offer an explanation.

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Economy and down sizing from what I hear from the owner.

Jim Rome
Jim Rome

Hear they are closing even more of their spaces. Give them 2 months before the rest are closed.


Hey, Laura -- thanks for jumping into the Mystery Machine and getting to the bottom of this in Scooby Doo style!  I'm glad to hear that a few of their sites are still open (for the time being, at least).


Nooooooooo. I love their green chile. 

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