My Sweet Bakery closes

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My Sweet Bakery
Kelly McBride just opened My Sweet Bakery last April, selling her homemade pies, cakes, sticky buns and cookies, as well as coffee, out of a colorful storefront on 44th and Tennyson in the Berkeley neighborhood.

The California Culinary Institute alum quickly amassed a following, despite the construction mess that made reaching her stretch of the street difficult.

But even though she survived that challenge, other factors recently forced McBride to close her doors.

Here's the official word from the shop, via its Facebook page:

my sweet bakery.jpg

The shop shuttered on February 1; there's no word yet on when -- or if -- McBride will score a lease somewhere else.

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We were devastated by the closing of My Sweet Bakery. It was our favorite weekend spot. Thanks for the update. We will follow Kelly to wherever she goes next. Just hope it's on the northwest side.


What, exactly, is the deal with retail/restaurant real estate in this town? It seems like hardly a week goes by between reports of some shop or restaurant choosing or being forced to shutter because of a bad relationship with their landlord.

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