Foodography: Comida is the new taco the town in Longmont

Lori Midson
If Rayme Rossello was worried that Comida Cantina, her new brick-and-mortar that just opened in the Prospect development in Longmont, wouldn't be a hit in the ritzy 'hood, the gazillion bodies who packed the joint last weekend should alleviate any concerns.

Rossello, who launched her hot-pink Comida food truck in Boulder in 2010 before getting her hands on a turnkey restaurant a few months ago, played host to a standing-room-only restaurant and bar overflowing with taco junkies and tequila zealots heaping praise on the buzzy cantina. And judging from what I ate -- enough tacos, tostadas and gorditas to stuff an elephant -- Rossello's kitchen crew is equipped with the experience and talent to continue the streak. Herewith, a collection of photos to whet your appetite.

Lori Midson
Watermelon jalapeno margarita, concocted with jalapeno-infused tequila, muddled watermelon, fresh lime juice and agave.

Lori Midson
Housemade chips and salsas: Comida red salsa, cucumber jalapeno crema and habanero salsa.

Lori Midson
Chorizo and red onion escabeche housemade gordita with salsa verde and roasted garlic mash, served in foil.

Lori Midson
Mezcal-soaked mushroom and roasted garlic mash tostada topped with crema and cotija, alongside a jalapeno grits and camarones a la diabla soft corn taco.

Lori Midson
Pork carnitas tacos crowned with an habanero-and-pineapple salsa and steak sirloin tacos with smoked Gouda sweet-potato hash, roasted onions and house crema.

Location Info

Comida Cantina

721 Confidence Drive, Longmont, CO

Category: Restaurant

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