Four bottles that prove it's high time to get hip to Portuguese wines

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Kendra Anderson
Refreshing vinho verde is perfect for quaffing year-round.
It's technically February 29, but if it weren't a leap year, today we'd be flipping the page on the calendar over to the month of March. Seems like mere days ago we were ringing in the new year and plotting all manner of ways to help you live up to the only resolution we urged you to pursue: to make 2012 the year you fully embrace living a wine lifestyle.

One critical tenet of what it means to really be a wine lover is to push beyond your typical boozing routine and sample juice you've never tried before. As with just about everything in life, the only way you get better at anything is to practice -- and that tenet applies to wine more than you might imagine.

Those of us who deal in the business of wine have been hip to all things Porto for a minute now. Wanna know why? Because the wines of Portugal bring the trifecta of wine magic sommeliers and buyers drool over: They're unbelievably food friendly, they're value priced and they're not...well, in a word -- boring. Having said all of that, we completely get why you've perhaps been a bit reticent to explore this ancient wine producing state. For starters, there's the matter of the hundreds of varieties (very few of which you're likely to have familiarity with). Then there's that pesky label-language barrier thing - and you thought French labels were tricky to decipher. But don't go getting all overwhelmed; you don't need to speak Portuguese to fall under the spell of these fantastic wines. Without further ado, we're about to push you way outside your comfort zone and dare you to start drinking Portuguese juice.

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