Readers cry fowl over family-friendly cola chicken at Coop de Ville

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Stingray, a Sunnyside watering hole that featured pizza when it opened last year, closed this month for a quick concept remodel. And now it's reopened as Coop de Ville at Stingray -- a neighborhood joint with a focus on comfort food, particularly chicken. And to make sure that everything stays family-friendly, the kitchen is offering cola-can chicken, rather than beer-can chicken.

That had some readers squawking. What isn't family-friendly about beer-can chicken?

Says Dave Barnes;

I am confused. Beer can chicken.

1. Open beer can and drink contents.
2. Place chicken over can and roast.
3. Open another beer can and drink contents.
4. Place empty can into recycling bin and GOTO 3 until chicken is ready.
5. Consume chicken.

And Mantonat provides the final answer:

It's not family-friendly because you don't want your kids growing up thinking beer should be wasted like that.

But there's more, much more, to Coup de Ville -- where you can definitely enjoy your beer without ordering chicken. Read more about it here.

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