Tacos and tequila flavor Pinche Taqueria, the subject of this week's review

Mark Manger
After Kevin Morrison left Spicy Pickle, he pursued a very different kind of venture -- he picked up a truck, gave it a naughty name and began hawking his own version of street tacos all over the city.

Pinche Tacos was so successful that Morrison was soon able to launch a cart on the 16th Street Mall. And when that, too, attracted crowds of fans, he began looking around for a permanent home for his concept.

Last year he inked a deal for a location at Colfax and York, where he was able to add liquid assets -- including tequila, whiskey and Mexican beer -- to his menu of street tacos.

For this week's review, I hung out -- frequently -- at Pinche Taqueria, to see how well the mobile brand translated to a brick-and-mortar spot. How was the food? Find out tomorrow, when the review is posted here.

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Lotus - CLOSED

1701 Wynkoop St., Denver, CO

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Joey B
Joey B

Yeah this place is legit.

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